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Get a FREE, impartial and informed second opinion on your healthcare*

The HDA Patient Care Trust is here to help you

If you have concerns or worries about a medical diagnosis or treatment, then we can probably offer you help.

You can contact us any time when you feel you’ve exhausted the advice and treatment you can get through your own doctor and the NHS.

All patients are welcome – and we don’t exclude any medical conditions.

“Patient wellbeing and the right to access appropriate medical expertise is at the heart of everything we do.”

 Chairman, Patient Care Trust.

Health problems arise and affect us all at many stages of our lives, from childhood to old age.

Becoming ill is unfortunate enough, but should the situation arise where you have doubts about a diagnosis or treatment, whether privately funded or through the NHS, and you feel you have already explored every avenue, we at Patient Care Trust could offer you the opportunity to get another informed, independent and unbiased opinion on your healthcare.

Here in the UK, we fully support the NHS, and we’re in regular communication with NHS doctors and consultants. However, the NHS is facing extreme pressures and there are times when it can fail to meet the needs of a few, whilst delivering on the needs of the many.

This is why Patient Care Trust exists – to give you peace of mind, whatever the circumstances, and without you having to worry about your ability to pay for the medical advice we provide.*

Call us on 020 7935 8366 and speak to a member of staff today.

Please note: since the Daily Mail’s article on June 11th 2013 (see IN THE NEWS above) we have handled over 2,700  emails to do with helping 750 patients. And they continue to pour in!  We greatly appreciate your patience.  We have not forgotten you and are steadily working our way through the requests with the limited resources available to us.

*Certain limits apply within the means at our disposal as a registered charity. Full terms & conditions are available on request.

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