Before You Contact Us


Q: I think I have been incorrectly diagnosed, what should be my first step?


A: In almost every instance, it is better to go back to your doctor and discuss with him/her if it is in your best interest to have a second opinion.


Q: Am I entitled to a second opinion?


A: No, you are not entitled to a second opinion in the NHS, although your GP is unlikely to deny you one, if it is thought to be beneficial to you.


Q: If my doctor won’t refer me, what are my options?


A: Contact us!


Q: At what point should I contact the HDA?


A: You can contact us any time, when you feel you’ve exhausted the advice and treatment you can get through your own doctor and the NHS.



More About Patient Care Trust


Q: How does Patient Care Trust work?


A: We will discuss your situation in detail to understand if and how we can help you. If we cannot help you at the

initial discussion stage we may then refer your case onto a specialist member of Patient Care Trust, who will have more experience of your particular problem.


Q: Why was Patient Care Trust set up?


A: To provide all NHS and private sector patients a gateway to a network of private doctors that can offer a free, impartial, second opinion on your healthcare.


Q: Does Patient Care Trust provide an emergency doctors service?


A: No.


Q: How is Patient Care Trust funded?


A: The charity is currently running on a pro bono basis.


Q: How soon will I be contacted?


A: Normally the same day, but definitely within a couple of working days.


Q: What will happen next?


A: You will be sent a health questionnaire to complete. Once we have received this, notes are made up and the case presented at Doctors Case Conference.


Q: Will I have to pay for this second opinion?


A: No, the service is completely free of charge.


Q: If I would like to make a contribution, can I?


A: Absolutely – we welcome any support we receive. You can donate either through our website or directly by telephone to the Patient Care Trust using a credit card, or by cheque.


Q: How can I be confident that my case is being reviewed by a registered and qualified professional?


A: All the doctors and specialists have been very carefully chosen by the Charity for their expertise, experience and reputation.

Patient Care Trust and the NHS


Q: If I need tests or an operation, how are these managed?


A: Generally, we would refer you back to your NHS doctor with a recommendation that the tests are completed. Other options may also be discussed with you.


Q: I’m able to request to see all of the information my NHS doctor holds on me at any time. Can I do the same with Patient Care Trust?


A: Yes.


Q: What happens if my NHS doctor disagrees with the advice given by the Patient Care Trust?


A: Our Senior Specialists try to help by advising, as they would do for their own patients, when presented with a similar situation. We strongly believe that no patient must be allowed to feel pressurised or coerced, and should always feel in full control.



Other Information


Q: Is Patient Care Trust registered under the Data Protection Act (DPA)?


A: Yes.


Q: What do I do if I’m not happy with either the service or the advice I receive?


A: We do not claim to know all the answers, but will always do our best to help you. The Independent Doctors Federation (IDF) has an excellent complaints procedure which you could always make use of.