Regular Giving


Regular donations make a real difference to The HDA Patient Care Trust. They provide a steady income allowing us to plan for the future with a greater confidence.

Please call us on 01494 726 690 or email us. We will send you a Direct Debit form explaining how you can provide a regular support to The HDA Patient Care Trust.

Single Donations

We are aiming to help everyone who contacts us, but, as the number of medical queries increases each day, due to our limited resources and small administration team, we are physically unable to sustain the same level of support. In order to continue delivering medical solutions, we rely heavily on individual donations, which, big or small, make difference to the lives of those who gave up the hope of finding the answers to their medical problems.


By telephone

Contact us on 01494 726 690 and we would be very happy to discuss any arrangements further.


By post

Send a cheque to:

HDA Patient Care Trust

1 Forge End




Please make cheques payable to The Honorary Doctors Association.


The main aim of Patient Care Trust is to give patients a free second opinion when they feel as if they have reached a roadblock in their treatment.


We review medical histories and give patients an independent, unbiased opinion from one of our doctors or specialists.


As a UK charity, we receive no government funding and all our work is totally reliant on sponsorship and donations.


We are of course fortunate to have a growing number of independent consultants and specialists who believe in the importance of Patient Care Trust by generously providing their time and their service free of charge.


However, as with any organisation, there are always administrative costs involved, and so fundraising forms an essential part of the charity’s existence to ensure we can be there in the future for those who need it most.


*Certain limits apply within the means at our disposal as a registered charity. Full terms & conditions are available on request.