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May 7, 2014 7:29 am

How a Charitable Initiative is Giving Patients FREE Access to a Second Opinion

View a recent article in the Marylebone Journal here As featured on



November 20, 2013 5:51 pm

Second Opinions – a recent article in the Daily Mail

Journalist Rosalind Ryan writes a helpful article pointing out that patients are not entitled to a second opinion.   If the GP thinks the second opinion is of benefit to the patient,however, it is very unlikely that they will not refer you.  This should be your first step – to contact your GP. Waiting times and […]



July 19, 2013 3:30 pm

HDA Patient Care Trust appears on the pages of the Daily Mail

When Diana Appleyard, a freelance journalist for the Daily Mail, took an interest in the HDA Patient Care Trust, we were all pretty excited at the opportunity to raise the charity’s profile through the national press and so achieve one of our long-held PR objectives. Thanks to the article, “Fobbed off by your doctor?”, which […]



May 2, 2013 8:06 am

In the News


The medical profession deals with the vast majority of the patients it sees with care, compassion and consummate skill.


However, the number of people seeking medical advice in the UK is enormous – around one and a half million people use the NHS every day – and the small minority of patients who are sometimes let down means that the help the unique service Patient Care Trust provides really can act as an important support.

The fact that problems with the way patients are sometimes dealt with (and not just in the NHS) continues to grow – you only have to read the papers or listen to the news to realise that there is indeed a real problem – means that, in turn, the service we offer is called upon more and more.


There is no better explanation of the reasons why we were founded than the following snippets taken from recent (2013) national press articles.


“Up to two thirds of doctors and nurses at some hospitals would not recommend that their family and friends are treated where they work.”


“(The) variation in the quality of care of general practice is ‘significant and unexplained’…”


“Patients are literally gambling with their lives when they choose which GP to register with.”


“…difficult for (GP) practices to maintain the level of care they currently offer…”


“…an even greater focus on targets and box ticking at the expense of holistic, patient-centred primary care.”


“…widespread management failures that have plagued the NHS ever since the advent of general management removed health professionals’ voices from the boardrooms of NHS Trusts.”


“…we must stop the relentless rise of managers and put doctors back in charge.”


“…culture of cover-up, gagging, lack of accountability and dispatch-box friendly targets ahead of caring for patients.”


“Let us be under no illusion that the problems encountered in Mid Staffordshire were a localised, or isolated, happening.”


“…an insidious negative culture involving a tolerance of poor standards.”


“Failings in the NHS cost 30,000 lives every year.”