Leaving a legacy




Leaving a lasting gift – Most people will feel proud to leave gift to the charity of their choice in their will making a difference for many years after they are no longer among us.


Big or small, your legacy gift contributes towards the vital work of our charity. It allows us to carry on providing advice and support to those patients who couldn’t find solutions to their medical problems and ensures the future of our cause.

As we go through life, our wishes change, but the good news is – making a will might be cheaper than you think. Moreover, all gifts to charities are exempt from inheritance tax.


Here is how you can leave a legacy gift:


Speak to your solicitor who will guide you through the process of leaving a legacy gift. Your legal advisor will also ensure your wishes are respected when you die. In addition, your advisor will be able to show you how your gift will actually reduce the inheritance tax payable on your estate.


When drawing up a will, it is important to remember that there are three types of gifts:



A pecuniary gift is either a set sum of money or a set percentage of the value of your estate. People usually choose this type of legacy if they want their family or other people to receive the bulk of their estate.



A residuary gift is leaving all, or a share, of what is left of your estate, after any specific or pecuniary legacies have been made. It can be made to one or more beneficiaries. A residuary gift is an extremely effective way to help a charity such as The HDA Patient Care Trust and it is most likely to retain its value over time.



A specific gift is an item you leave to a named person or charity. It could be anything from a house to an item of jewellery, a painting or some furniture. We organise regular auctions where our supporters bid for the inherited items, where all proceeds go directly to our charity.


Should you choose to remember us in your will, we are:


The Honorary Doctors Association

A Registered charity No: 1124465


If you would like to speak to someone from HDA PCT about legacies, please phone the Chairman on 01494 726 690.


Memory of your generous contribution will live on in our work.


Thank you!