“I’ve experienced first-hand just how dedicated and determined the HDA Patient Care Trust is, as it saved the sight of my mother who without them, would have gone blind.”


Emma S., Billericay


“I can’t thank the HDA Patient Care Trust enough for providing a second opinion on my existing treatment which revealed that I was not suffering from deep vein thrombosis and did not need strong anticoagulants for life.”


John T., London


“After losing the vision in one eye due to a blood clot, the HDA Patient Care Trust guided me to an operation on the remaining eye that had been permanently damaged for 56 years after an accident. After almost total blindness that eye is now giving me brilliant quality of life once again.”


John B., Ashford

“After our little Diego had been constantly ill for weeks, it was refreshing to speak to the friendly staff at the HDA Patient Care Trust. The very next day we had a consultation with an expert who knew what he was talking about. Once again we have a healthy happy baby!”


Polly T., London



“Thank you so much for looking into my daughter’s case. I will take your advice and wait a few months and hopefully it will settle down. I really appreciate you looking into her case and have had more information out of your email than months of visits to my GP”


“Thank you very much for your prompt response and advice. I very much appreciate the time you have taken to discuss my case. I will arrange an appointment to do as you say and will feedback anything found. Once again, a big than you from myself and, indeed, my family”


“Dear Marius and the team, May I take this opportunity to thank you all most sincerely for the time and attention that you gave to my request for assistance last year when I wrote to you …
I cannot express how much I am grateful to you and the staff and the job you are doing to bring together professional medical skills to help those where care may have been somewhat lacking elsewhere. You certainly have made my life so much better as a result…
Thank you all!”


‘Thanks to you and your colleagues for taking the time to look at the matter. I am most obliged. The resource you provide is invaluable as sometimes one feels totally powerless in the system. Although there was nothing medical that could be done for my mum, it was a great relief to know that she wasn’t just missing out on some treatment due to carelessness”.


“I would just like to say a big thank you for all your help and for arranging the phone call from the Doctor. It was most helpful and gave us more confidence to ask questions at the consultation. Your charity work is a credit to your profession-thank you for being willing to give your time and effort.”


“Your reply of 27th November was shown to parties during my struggle, and gave me the courage to keep trying. So, Dr van Oldenborgh, thank you very much”.


‘With your help and persistence, I was eventually referred to the cardiology clinic at the JR hospital…Thank you for your help and encouragement in helping me communicate effectively with my GP”.


‘I am very impressed by your organization and I would love to help out in any way I can once I have recovered”.


“I would like to thank you and your team for the care and attention you gave to my case. I feel reassured with your words that I should not worry about the diagnosis and the treatment I received under the NHS. I am grateful to you and the HDA Patient Care Trust and would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone that should need the help”.


“Thank you so much for being there and for the service that you offer. It is reassuring to know that help was out there”.


“I approached HDA after many consultations with my GP over a period of several months, I was both frustrated and worried, because I felt my diagnosis had been made without consideration of ‘the big picture’. Thus some problems were addressed, while those which concerned me most were sidelined. The doctors from HDA were able to look at the situation from an objective standpoint and offer helpful advice on a way forward”.


“They were caring and extremely supportive Their suggestions enabled me to communicate my situation better to my GP, and gave some useful options to consider regarding the next step. I feel more hopeful of getting to the bottom of my problems, and reassured by the support I received. Amazingly, I was assured that I could contact them again if I felt I’d reached a roadblock at any point. I am extremely grateful and feel privileged to have received such personalised attention. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the team”.


“I am so grateful to HDA Patient Care Trust for listening and giving me the contact I needed. Dr Van Oldenborgh has really helped me understand and manage my Warfarin testing and dosing. He took the time to speak to me and explain. I feel safe now, thank you”.

“Many thanks to the HDA, and Dr Oldenborgh in particular for his personal concern, counsel and in dependent advice, very supportive and helpful!”.


“Thank you most sincerely for your telephone call today, for your helpful advice an empathy…I cannot thank you enough”.