What We Do


The NHS is facing extreme pressures and ther are times it can fail to meet the needs of a few, whilst delivering on the needs of the many.


  • The Patient Care Trust endures to provide a second opinion completely free of charge. The Trust is a gateway to a network of doctors who work in the NHS or private practice, who will provide you with an impartial, second opinion on your healthcare.

  • We have successfully corrected misdiagnoses and helped save lives.

  • You are free to contact us at any time when you feel you have hit a brick wall regarding your medical treatment..

  • Depending on the workload we try not to have waiting lists and we will reply to your request normally within a couple of working days.

  • You don’t need any authorization from your doctor, hospital or insurance company before contacting us.

  • We do not get involved with litigation of any sort.

  • Due to our present size we are unable to deal with Mental health, Oncology and multiple pathology case's. 


*Certain limits apply within the means at our disposal as a registered charity. Full terms & conditions are available on request.